Irish Hospitality in the Dublin Tradition

"One barrel of wine can work more miracles than a church full of saints."
-- Irish Proverb

Wine prices are denoted in dollars, price per glass (where available) and bottle price are separated by a slash (/).

White Wines

White Wine

Stellina de Notte • Pinot Grigio
Lofty aromas of orange blossom and pear alight the nose.

Rose N Blum • Pinot Grigio
Playful with flavors of sweet peach and pear.

Pepi • Savignon Blanc
Vibrant notes of peppers and grapefruit with a medium body and lingering citrus flavors.

New Harbor • Savignon Blanc
Citrus and herbal elements with a touch of spice in the background.

A by Acacia • Chardonnay
With each swirl and sip, this wine fills your senses with lush orchard fruit notes.

Barnard Griffin • Chardonnay
Expressive orange, pear, and honeydew flavors strongly supported by snappy acidity.

Funf • Reisling
Light, fruity, and well-balanced with a fresh, clean, and wonderful finish.

Astoria • Prosecco 187ml
Floral notes accented by pear, peach, honey and toast.

Chandon • Brut 187ml
Nutty Flavors and complex apple and pear characteristics with hints of citrus.


Red Wines

Red Wine

Barnard Griffin • Cabernet Savignon
Delightful plum, cherry, and dark-fruit centered aromatics and taste, supported by a spicy, well-integrated oak.

Velvet Crush • Cabernet Savignon
The palate delivers rich blackberry and ripe cassis balanced by warm vanilla tones.

Le Grand • Pinot Noir
Complex raspberry notes, complimented by a touch of strawberry-like Grenache

A by Acacia • Pinot Noir
Smooth and mellow. Subtle hints of sun-warmed red rose and toasty baking spice, nicely paired with aromas of cherry, plum and red raspberry.

Stellar Organics • Shiraz
Rich and dark-colored, equipped with a smoky and vanilla nose, oaky tannins, and
a spicy finish.

Reunion • Malbec
An expressive, full-bodied Malbec accompanied by chocolate notes and a fruity aroma of plum and cherry.

Sterling • Merlot
This merlot delivers smooth, fruit flavors with appealing richness and complexity.

Project Paso • Red Blend
Medium-bodied red wine blend with wild cherry, plum, and toasty marshmallow aromas and a seductive Mexican chocolate and warm spice on the nose.