Irish Hospitality in the Dublin Tradition

"To get back my youth I would do anything in the world except take exercise, get up early, or be respectable."-- Oscar Wilde

The selection of wine and liquors at Slattery's is as diverse as our clientele. We stock everything from the daily drinker to the ultra-premium celebratory drinks. We take pride in stocking a wide array of potables at reasonable prices, prepared by our knowledgeable bartenders.

With a draught beer selection that caters to the import beer aficionado to the local micro brew supporter, you will be sure to find a brew you'll love. Take some time to look through our potables catalogue and find an old favorite, or a new one.


Irish Whiskey

Bushmills Red Bush • Sweet, Nutty and Vanilla Notes, Smooth Finish
Bushmills • Full Bodied, Slight Peat, Rich and Complex
Black Bush • Smooth, Refined Complexities, Light Smoke
Bushmills 10 year • Bourbon Cask Notes, Vanilla Sweetness
Connemara • Thick Peat Smoke, Full Bodied, Luxurious
Clontarf • Charcoal Mellowed, With An Oaky Finish
Green Spot • Full Spicy Body, Hints Of Green Apples and Cloves
The Irishman Founder’s Reserve • Spice, Malt, Bourbon Oak, Caramel
Jameson • Sweet, Mellow Vanilla, Crisp
Jameson Black Barrel • Nutty Notes With Vanilla And Sherry
Jameson Gold • Full Bodied, Rich And Complex
Jameson Caskmates • Hops, Cocoa Bean, Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch Finish
Kilbeggan • Sweet Honey, Dry, Oaky
Midleton • Perfection, Luxuriously Smooth and Rich
Paddy • Light, Crisp, Refreshingly Clean
Redbreast • Thick, Rich and Well Rounded
Teeling • Smooth, Sweet, Woody
Tullamore Dew • Orange Rind, Trace Vanilla, Exceptional
Tullamore Dew 12 • Robust Taste With Spice And Creamy Body
Tullamore Dew 14 • Big Creamy Malt With Loads Of Vanilla Tannins
Tullamore Dew Phoenix • Layers Of Oak, Caramel, Floral Notes
Tyrconnell • Honey, Barley, Citrus Sweetness
Tyrconnell 16 • Candied Pear, vanilla, coconut, herbal spice finish
Two Gingers • Smooth, Malty And Slightly Sweet
The Quiet Man • Balance of Spice and Oak with Sweet Vanilla
The Quiet Man 8 year • Balance of Spice and Oak with Sweet Vanilla
The Sexton • Balance of Rich, Dried Fruits & Subtle Oak Notes
West Cork Bourbon Cask • Malt Core With Rich Honey & Caramel Notes
West Cork 10yr • Silky, Rich Core, Caramel Malt & Vanilla Bean

History of Whiskey

From its earliest days, whiskey has been known for its curative and creative properties. It evolved into a unique cultural icon of the people who savored it. It has charmed saints and tormented sinners. Each country, each distiller and blender, has made a distinct interpretation of this drink. Today, whiskey is enjoying yet another revival as a cultural icon. While the exact origins are lost in the mists of time, it is generally accepted that the ancient Celts (Scots, Irish, Cornish and Welsh) knew how to distill grains at least as far back as 800 BC. Given that they lacked the climate to grow the more fragile grapevines, their use of cereals such as barley and rye, both of which grew well in the northern European climate, was a logical choice. Those Celts viewed their fiery brew as a gift from their gods that literally brought the dead to life and warmed even the coldest spirit, fact, in Celtic, whiskey is called “uisge beathe” --- the water of life.

Scotch Whisky

American Whiskey

Aberlour 12 • Vibrant, clean long swift finish
Aberlour 16 • Floral & spicy with sweet plum & oak
Ardbeg Uigeadail • Well rounded peat, seaweed, cereal grains
Ardbeg Corryvreckan • A peaty, peppery taste.
Auchentoshan 10 • Orange zest, lemon grass, marshmallow
Balvenie 12 Double Wood • Nutty sweetness, vanilla, sherry
Balvenie 14 Rum Wood • Fruits and spice with a tropical sweetness
Balvenie Madira Cask 17 • Vanilla oak notes with a dry oaky finish
Balvenie Port Wood 21 • Fruit, honey, spice notes
Caol Ila • Lightly medicinal, with a smoky seaweed taste
Copper Dog • Crisp apple, citrus, dried fruit, & vanilla
The Dalmore 12yr • Citrus, Vanilla, Sherry, Roasted Coffee, Chocolate Finish
Dalwhinnie • Soft, refined, clean and vibrant
Dewar’s White Label • Subtle honey and spice sweetness
Dewar’s 12 • Buttery and mellow, toffee and caramel
Glenfiddich 12 • Easy drinking, mellow, caramel and honey
Glenfiddich 14 • American and Spanish Oak Finished, Sweet Vanilla
Glenfiddich 15 • Leathery, oak, spicy, subtle banana
Glenfiddich 18 • Woody spice, caramel, sea water
Glenfiddich 21 • Hints of banana, figs, toffee, new leather, & oak
Glenfiddich IPA Cask Zesty citrus notes with a hint of hops
Glenlivet 12 • Fruity tones, clean, soft
Glenlivet 15 • Rich aroma, mellow barley notes, lingering finish
Glenlivet 18 • Mature oak flavors, deep honey notes
Glenmorangie 10 • Delicate and rich, subtle aromas
Johnnie Walker Red • Light peat, semi sweet, balanced
Johnnie Walker Black • Well integrated and barley notes
Johnnie Walker Green • Vatted malt, rich and peppery
Johnnie Walker Gold • Subtle heather, light peat, spicy finish
Johnnie Walker Blue • Vanilla, peat smoke, immensely smooth
Johnnie Walker Platinum • Smooth with subtle smoke
Lagavulin 16 • Peat smoke with a clean sweet back bone
Laphroaig • Medicinal peat, seaweed brine, smoked meats,
Macallan 12 • Sweet sherry, subtle spice, slight peat
Macallan 15 • Fine oak, caramel notes
Macallan 17 • Balanced with floral and fruit notes
Macallan 18 • Sweet sherry cask notes, slight smoke,
Monkey Shoulder • Smooth, creamy, supple and very malty
Oban 14 • Marzipan, honey, sea water and peat
Peat Monster • Big rich, peaty and smoky
State 38 Whisky • Soft oak nose, peat smoke front, chocolate finish
Angel’s Envy • Strong Port Notes, Cherry, Oak and Raisins
Angel’s Envy Rye • Palate of Sweet Rum, Sherry Wood and Oak
Basil Hayden's • Peppery Spice, Honey Sweetness, Caramel
Blanton's • Dry Vanilla Notes, Honey, Caramel, Soft Peppers.
Breckenridge • Sweet Oak, Vanilla, Banana and Brown Sugar
Buffalo Trace • Vanilla, Toffee, Candied Fruit
Bulleit • Violets and Juniper, Hay, Dry Cereal, Sweet Corn
Bulleit 10 Year • Cinnamon, Vanilla, Earth/Minerality
Bulleit Rye • Clove, Pickling Spice, Bitter Vanilla, and Oak
George Dickel No. 8 • Barbeque Char, Earth, Butter
George Dickel Single Barrel • Aggressive Corn, Subtle Spices
Eagle Rare 10yr • Toasted Honey, Bread, Sweet Dark Fruits
E.H. Taylor • Butterscotch, Corn, Molasses, Cinnamon Heat
High West Rye • Menthol · Eucalyptus · Honey & Rye Punch
Gentleman Jack • Honey, Leather, Walnuts, Tobacco, Raisins
Jack Daniel's Single Barrel • Oak Notes, Caramel, Maple
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye • A bold balance of spice & smoothness
Jim Beam Black • Corn, Vanilla, Oak, Brown Sugar
Knob Creek • Toasted Nuts, Grain Oak, Sweet, Full Bodied
Knob Creek Single Barrel • Vanilla, Nuts and Oak
Knob Creek Rye • Spicy Vanilla, Oak and Orange Marmalade
Leopold Bros. American Small Batch • Grapes, Apples
Maker's 46 • Vanilla, Caramel, Pepper, Light Leather, Nutmeg
Michter’s • Butterscotch and Vanilla with Hints of Caramel
Michter’s Rye • Spice with Peppery Notes, Citrus, Butterscotch
Ridgemont Reserve 1792 • Spice Blends With Sweet Caramel
Rittenhouse Rye • Big and Buttery With Hints of Raisins
State 38 Bourbon • Hints of chocolate, caramel, rich coffee finish
Stranahan's • Charred Oak, Fruit Varietals, Leather
Woodford Reserve • Complex Citrus, Cinnamon, Caramel
W.L. Weller • The Original Wheated Bourbon
WhistlePig Rye • 100% Rye Mash, Big Flavor
Templeton Rye • Caramel, Butterscotch, Toffee, Allspice
Tin Cup • Sweet Cherry, Rye, Spice & Minerals